Welcome to the UACC of GA

October 20, 2008

Welcome to the Ukrainian American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia! The UACC-GA has been months in the making and we are delighted to announce the launch of the organization.

Atlanta is fortunate to have a good number of bi-national chambers of commerce. It’s a fair question to ask why another is needed. We think there are a several good reasons.

  1. Each country has its own characteristics and opportunities that it offers to Georgian businesses and a case can be made that each country requires its own advocate.
  2. Aside from the Russian American Chamber of Commerce, there is no bi-national chamber represented in Georgia from Eastern Europe.
  3. Ukraine is a substantial country. It is the second largest in Europe and with 46 million people, the 7th most populous.
  4. The diplomatic relationship between the United States and Ukraine is very friendly
  5. Finally – Georgia has a large Ukrainian population, at least several thousand and many that we spoke to before launching the UACC-GA are excited about having another business and cultural voice in our state.

It is worth noting that do not undertake the responsibility of managing the UACC-GA lightly. We spent several months conducting market research in order to determine that there is, in fact, a market-based desire for the existence of such an organization.

Although our desire is serious as are our objectives, we plan to inject a good bit of fun as well. We all have enough work to do.

We appreciate your interest and we look forward to getting to know you and to helping you learn more about Ukraine, its people and the opportunities it offers.


Svitlana and Mike


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